rollover accident

Things to Do at a Car Accident

The worst that can happen during a trip is to experience an accident. And if you do not know what to do in that situation, your negligence can be considered a serious offense by the police. Moreover, if you do not act fast, a person may lose his/her life.

Do not Panic and Stop Your Car

a broken carIf you hit a vehicle, you have to stop your car and examine the driver’s condition. Minor accidents may not result in serious injuries. But if it is a rollover car accident, you must check the flipped vehicle and help every passenger inside to get out of the car. If it is not possible, you have to call the police directly and tell them your situation. And during the report, you must describe every detail to the police so that they can bring the necessary help.

And another thing to note is that, regardless of the severity of the accident, you must not leave the scene until an officer arrives and takes a record. Even if you are sure no one is in need of help, you have to stay there. Driving away from the accident will make everyone think you are the guilty one.

Do not Provoke a Fight

a police officerIf you have anger issues, you must control yourself in an accident. Do remember that road rage or any kinds of violence do not solve anything. And if you are the perpetrator, you can even end up in jail.

Therefore, once you stop your car, you should approach the other driver calmly and tell him/her that you are willing to follow the legal proceeding according to the law. Then, you call the police and your insurance company. Let the officers decide what legal steps you and the other driver should take.

If you are required to go to the court, the chances are that you have been charged with a criminal offense. For instance, after a quick investigation on the spot, the officers find out that you have been drinking while driving, or they manage to find leftover marijuana residue on the back seat. In that case, you must remain calm and contact a defense attorney. And that is why you have to keep a lawyer’s phone number all the time on your phone.

Take Records by Yourself

an insurance reportWhile waiting for the police to arrive, you should take photos of the accident and everyone involved in the scene. And those records are not for the police but your insurance company. Some insurances will send you an officer to help you with the accident, but some others rely solely on the reports given by the police. However, not all police reports are well written to your advantage. Therefore, you need to take documentation by yourself just in case the police’s record does not reflect what has truly happened.