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When a person visits a store, it is not uncommon to see them rushing to pick the closest or the cheapest bag of dog food to save a few coins. It is worth remembering that cheap dog food is made with cheap ingredients that are probably not the best for your puppy. It might just prove how little you love your pet. Your pet deserves the best that there is. Just put yourself in the shoes of your pet and imagine how you would feel if you were forced to eat such unhealthy foods just because your master wanted to save a few coins.

This is exactly how your dog feels every time that you buy unhealthy foods for them. Therefore, the next time that you are buying some dog food, please take some time and learn the best food available for your dog. Get some premium brand that you can trust which uses high quality and nutritious ingredients that are useful to the body. You should go for the brand that has a reputation for being the best or among the best in the market. It might cost some extra pennies, but that is nothing compared to the life and health of your dog.

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Buy Premium Brands

When it comes to premium brands, there are two that are worth comparing. Two popular treats that we love are buffalo and wellness. These are some of the best brands available at the store right now, and it is worth comparing them to see which is better than the other and in what ways.  After some research below are some of the facts about blue buffalo and wellness dog foods.

Buffalo Versus Wellness Dog Food

Wellness dog food has some history that dates back as early as the 1920s. It was not however until 1997 that they became known as a premium brand for both dog and cat foods. The company’s mission has always been, “To make every meal count.”

Wellness makes use of natural ingredients to make its foods. This ranges from animal and plant extracts that exclude any artificial additives, preservatives, and colors. Wellness has four distinct product lines namely complete health, trufood, Simple, and core. The above incorporate both the dry and wet foods, mixers, treats, and toppers. Each of the above product lines differs according to your dog’s preferences, age, and dietary needs.

Buffalo, on the other hand, founded its first premium brand in 2012. The goal was to ensure that pets got proper nutrition with all the products that they would offer on the market. Just like wellness, they ensure that the products that they use are all natural and free from additives. It also offers a number of both wet and dry foods depending on the clients’ dietary needs and age. They make use of proteins like chicken, lamb, and fish. For the plant extracts, whole grains are used, vegetables and fresh fruits.

From the above, it can be seen that both brands have given much thought to what the client needs and have gone an extra mile in ensuring that they offer chemical-free foods. Both of them also include proteins and plant extracts which are essential to your pet’s health. Therefore, the next time that you are buying. Just check out any of these brands and get it for your pet. It is a guarantee that they will feel special after having the meal.…