A lot of insurance companies report an estimated 90% of water damage claims annually. These are damages that could have been thwarted by simple maintenance procedures or use of leak detection systems. The average cost of flood damage is $5,000 in repairs. Thus, it is necessary for homeowners to know and identify water damage causes, which can lead to huge losses. They also need to know the best companies providing water removal and extraction services.

Causes of water damage

Rainflood in closet

According to the insurance companies, damages as a result of rain make up 10% of all water damage claims. In fact, even small amount of rain can cause wear to your home with time. They can damage the interior or foundation of your home. Moreover, extreme rain conditions cause floods particularly large amounts of stagnant water. This means that they can be very harmful due to pathogens and bacteria.

Plumbing incidents

The majority of plumbing problems such as pipe leaks and burst pipes are quite difficult to detect. When they are undetected early, they can result in severe water damage. Burst and leaky pipes are common causes of flood damage. This results from backed up toilets and drains. It is advisable to hire experts to carry out routine inspections of your pipes to detect potential problems and carry out necessary repairs before damage occurs.

HVAC Systems

The majority of homeowners do not realize that their HVAC systems need routine maintenance. In fact, with appropriate attention, the units cause severe moisture buildup that contributes to the growth of mildew and old deposits. You can prevent such issues from scheduling regular maintenance wit professionals.

Household appliances

Malfunctioning and oman saving Household furniture from floodlder appliances can cause havoc on the home’s internal water systems. Cracked, rusted, or weak hoses can cause future leaks and accumulation of water. A lot of homes experience water damage from aged or damaged hot water tanks and washing machine. Likewise, refrigerators, water heaters, and dishwashers are susceptible to damage over time. Replacing or fixing older models prevents future leaks.

Preventing water damage

It is true some water disasters do occur due to uncontrollable and unpredictable circumstances, you can prevent this type of damage through periodic maintenance and home inspections. You can also install shut-off system or leak detection systems to end up saving hundreds of dollars.…