Granite stone

Builders and home renovation experts have always believed that a paved patio or a walkway is a great way to add some class, looks, and elegance to any property. They add that before starting, the kind of pavers to be used should be considered first up. After researching, you would certainly conclude that the stone version is the best, but still, the confusion would prevail because in this too, there is a really huge variety to offer. Here are some of the different kinds of stone paving one can choose from.

Type of stone paving

Concrete pavers

wallPavers can be split into two main types, i.e. the manufactured and the natural ones. The first kind, i.e. the manufactured one are called concrete version, and the specialty is that they are more durable, weatherproof and versatile.

The brick paving version

The second version is given the name of brick, and it is known for its classic looks. Other features are that they are extremely durable and long lasting as well.


When it comes to natural stone pavers, you would be surprised to know the variety. The top part of the list is acquired by the name, “cobblestone” and the biggest feature is that it gives the area, an old-classic feel because this is what was used the most to make streets around a century ago.

Bluestone pavers

This is also a kind of natural stone pavers that are basically a mixture of sand and other particles. It has a bluish grey texture that gives this name to this version.

Flagstone paving

This version is cut from quarries and is known for durability, safety, and robustness. One of the biggest characteristics is that they stay cool, as they do not absorb heat. Because of this characteristic, they are perfect for the area that experiences direct sunlight.

Travertine stone

This version has textured look and filled with little holes and grooves. It is known for its durability. Other than these versions, there are some other versions as well in which sandstone paving and granite are the most prominent.

Granite stone

Granite stoneAccording to experts, granite is known for its strength, hardness and durability and basically, its natural properties make it a perfect raw material for any area. Another feature is that they have no artificial coloring that can get faded after some time. Their natural color means that they are absolutely fade-resistant even after being used for decades.

According to the experts, if installed by the professionals and as recommended in the instruction manual, the construction can become virtually indestructible. This is why granite is known as a long-term solution for anyone who wants to invest money and wants the full value of the investment.…