The truth is that stabilizing driveway gravel is quite important in smoothing out the driveway to make it safer for vehicles to pass through. Moreover, it gives your driveway an improved appearance. You should note that this project is easy to do and does not need a lot of materials.

Check the Gravel

You need to examine the driveway to determine how much loose dirt or gravel you have. In so doing, you can tell how much gravel you should purchase. The less gravel you have on the driveway, the less gravel you need to buy, and this can save you a lot of money.

Buy the Gravel

rock gravelWhen you get to the store, ensure you purchase gravel that is good for you. Tell the salesperson that the gravel is to be spread on the driveway. An important option is the road gravel. This is a mixture of sized aggregate and crushed limestone. You can also consider the sized gravel that is available in different sizes to offer your driveway or landscape different feels.

When to Apply Gravel

It is advisable to monitor the local water forecast because the installation of gravel is dependent on the weather condition. For instance, if the driveway has already soft dirt or loose gravel, then you should go ahead and apply it. Otherwise, you will need to wait until it is extremely wet, probably after a rainstorm.

Mix Dirt and Not Rocks

When you mix some dirt with the gravel, you can stabilize the surface and even reduce its maintenance. If there are large rocks, you can add adequate gravel to cover them or even remove them. When you are not sure whether you have covered them well, it is a good idea to remove them. In this way, you do not need to spend a lot of money purchasing gravel from the store.

What About Rubber Pavers?

gravel drivewayThe good thing about rubber pavers is that they can withstand high-traffic and hold their color. However, the pavers are likely to pick up stains from vehicle engines and from with poor braking. Fortunately, the service is quite easy to clean using a mild detergent and wet cloth. You should note that concrete pavers acquire their tone from a mix of concrete and tend to lighten over time because of exposure to the sunlight. Although painted patios fade over time, rubber pavers are ideal for use in high-chemical areas like pool decks where they aid safety.…