Video Games 02

Vido Games 2Nowadays video games have improved a lot of thanks to the technological advancement of our times. However, There is a general thinking amongst some that video games are really bad, that they stand for all the violent and terrible things and that they mess with kids’ minds.

It has, in fact, been shown that sometimes computer game do enhance your mind. Video games’ are played by all kinds of people all over the world consisting of children and adults. Now consoles also have an essential duty in video games, because the video game can not be amazing without a console that can play it.

A lot of medical professionals, psychologists, and moms and dads will inform you that computer game are horrible for a kid’s mind. As a matter of fact, that is partially true, because some children do fail in school because they spend too much time playing computer games. Sometimes it makes kids antisocial however that is not for all. Other extreme cases are when kids no longer can determine the truth and begin doing the things they see in the video game in real life.

Other children do play video games, and at the same time they can be excellent students academically, They are not crazy, not antisocial, but that can be enhanced with good friends, household, and so on. Playing video games have assisted their mind by making them think quicker, have better reflexes, hand-eye coordination, as well as better memory.Video Games cartoon

If you take a look at individuals who play computer games, you will realize that most gamers are grown ups, not just children. You might be surprised of how an adult could play more than a kid; it’s actually true. For some reasons such as the adults have more cash to invest, grownups understand the time they have, and know what games are worthy of purchasing.

Consoles have been advancing throughout the years. Everything began with Sega and Nintendo. Now we have effective consoles such as Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. These consoles are powerful devices and by powerful I imply all the console’s abilities, it’s not just a console to play games, you can use the internet, play music, share your images, etc. You see, they are not gadgets made use of to play games only, they have other multimedia functions. Now the only bad aspect of these consoles is their cost. They go from $300 to $600, makings it very hard to afford for some individuals. This is terrible, since now video games are turning into exclusive hobbies because before; almost everybody could get their hands on a console. Now if they are over $300 makes it really tough. Because many families would like to invest those $300 on things that are important, and computer game are not one of them.…