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Although facsimile is no longer around, the advanced technology seems to refuse to give it up. It is when Google decided to revive the old communication technology and bring a new face for it. Instead of stationing two separate devices that are connected through certain networks, Google Fax arrives by offering more practicality and versatility. The condition has contributed to another point of why people have switched from emails to a more modern version of facsimile. Although these two conventional forms of correspondence still use pretty much the same platform, communicating with Google Fax proves to offer more benefits. You can read the detailed information below.


The conventional facsimile technology involves two devices that need to be connected to send messages. Users also need to make a printed copy of the documents. Although it may have appeared to be quite complicated, the system brings benefits for those dealing with signed and confidential files. However, Google Fax arrives by offering a more advanced version of similar systems. Instead of two fax devices that require space, the newer version only needs your everyday gadgets, such as computers or laptops, without any additional equipment. The Internet will act as a connection that links the gadgets through specific networks. It proves to be quite convenient, and those who have been using the technology testify that they no longer need to worry about sending or receiving files or documents.


Still related to convenience as the main value offered by the newer technology, compatibility comes in one package. It seems to be an integral part of the modern facsimile as Google is quite determined to bring comfort and easy operation for the users. Users can easily download the fax app and install it on their devices. From personal computers to smartphones, the app will run smoothly and seamlessly. As a result, you can easily send and receive files and documents you need, even when you are not on your computer. You still can manage to supervise the flow of the documents sent as long as you have your smartphone around.

Storage Space

One concern that users often have to deal with is the risk of losing files. However, it will never happen with Google Fax in your hand. The app is equipped with sufficient storage space. The feature will ensure safe information flow as the system will automatically save the documents sent online. If you lose one or two files, you can easily retrieve the data.…